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Based in New Westminster, British Columbia, Freeflo Ventilation Systems specializes in the cleaning and maintenance of residential and commercial dryer vents. In addition to dryer vent cleaning we also offer a range of other services that include window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing.

For the dryer vents, we utilize a high-pressure air system and agitation device. The agitation technique is able to loosen the lint, dust, and debris and blows the blockage out in a reverse action back towards the entry point. We also utilize an innovative and powerful rotary brushing system combined with high powered industrial suction (With Hepa Filter) to gather the lint. Depending on your property we decide which is more beneficial for you specifically. Our process is safe, highly effective and completely respectful of your home or business and the environment. We can access the vents from both the inside and outside to ensure there is a nothing blocking the system.

Each job entails a thorough inspection of your system prior to the commencement of any cleaning. We adhere to a strict diagnostic protocol that enables us to identify and report any pre-existing problems to our clients. 

Our technicians are fully bonded and insured and pride themselves on courteous service. Our normals hours are between 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday. Service outside of these hours and on weekends can be scheduled through prior arrangement. Give us a call to get you dryer vent cleaning done right!

Dryer Vent Cleaning Vancouver

Choose us for integrity

We are proud to work with homeowners, caretakers, property managers, institutions and business owners alike in coordinating and delivering a highly superior level of service and cleaning.

Know us for respect

We don't leave a job without ensuring everything has been dealt with to the standard you see fit. It is our job to earn your respect for our level of work as well as our professionalism when engaging with you as the customer.

Select us for collaboration

We have relationships with many businesses in Vancouver, and the Lower Mainland, and if it makes sense to work together we can help you choose another viable option for dryer vent cleaning.

Love us for Innovation

The evolution of dryer vent cleaning is constantly changing. New innovations and techniques pop up all the time. We're up to date with what works and why.