Our Dryer Vent Maintenance Services

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Although much of the time Dryer Vent Maintenance comes hand in hand with the cleaning of the dryer vents, sometimes that is not the case. In which case we have the knowledge base to service your dryers maintenance needs.

Dryer Vent Maintenance is essential in ensuring your dryer vent is clean, safe and working properly. We utilize a similar technique to that of dryer vent cleaning to make sure everything is in line. Does your dryer vent looked to be falling apart, or are there any signs that your clothes are drying incorrectly? Chances are you need maintenance done to your dryer vent. This can come in the form of a full cleaning of the inner workings, or even just a maintenance of the outer workings of the system like replacing the duct, replacing parts and more. Allow our technicians to come in, look at your vents and determine if it is something that you need.

If you think your dryer is in need of maintenance or cleaning reach out to us at 604-341-3337 or info@freefloventilation.com.